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so, i got a little bit of ribbing today for not posting an update yesterday. sorry about that, i wasn’t exactly in an area that was conducive to having the internet, being a sea-cliff and all. and besides, i didn’t do much at all yesterday since i was completely exhausted from having not slept the night before. might it have had something to do with the fact that i was up until four am updating this very blog? nah… i’m sure it wasn’t that.

yesterday started off nicely enough, barring the whole lack of sleep thing. i checked out of the motel and returned to Stone to pick up a couple of things from their merch store. not surprisingly, i was lured into the bistro by the rumbling noises in my stomach which convinced me that what i really needed for breakfast was a bruschetta blt with smoked gouda, not the tired old granola bar and cup of gas station coffee that i had planned. (it was a pretty easy sell, to be honest)

after brunch, i loaded up the car with my goodies and headed on over to sunny San Diego. granted it wasn’t as sunny as i had hoped, but i needed one more day with the Pacific before i left it for good. i hadn’t gotten very far down the coast when i passed a little campground positioned right at the top of these cute little bluffs. finding the idea of a day spent napping in the sunshine too tempting to pass up, i decided to check in and ditch any efforts of doing anything that required, well, effort. the rest of the day was blissful: just me, my book and the sea. the twelve hours of sleep didn’t hurt a bit, either.

i awoke well before my usual ten-or-eleven-o-clock, and went about breaking camp. this was complicated by the wind storm that had blown in overnight, which seemed determined to pick my tent up and toss it overboard. my neighbors were nice enough to ‘help’ by driving the stakes all the way into the ground for me. of course, this wasn’t enough to do any real good so they had to throw the cooler inside to weigh down the front enough to keep the dang thing in place. and i thought breaking camp by myself was difficult on a normal day. ha. try doing it with 30mph wind gusts. that’ll learn ya. once i succeeded in wrestling everything into its proper place, i headed out to explore the city.

not finding much more than the usual strip malls and box stores, along with the apparently ubiquitous meandering streets with multiple personality syndrome which make driving in a new place even worse than usual, i ditched town and headed back to the ocean for one last hurrah. la jolla (the jewel) lived up to its name, glistening with hues of turquoise, emerald and sapphire. feeling timid but daring, i clambered over the sandstone bluffs and gingerly, if not gracefully, lowered myself down the 10 foot drop in order to play tag with the waves.

getting back up was even less graceful, requiring a bit of rock-climbing ability i’m still not sure i possess. at one point, i was dangling half-off of the bluff with only the tips of my fingers and my faith keeping me in place. i managed to squirm my way to safety, glad that no one was around to watch me floundering around on my belly. even accounting for the skinned knees and bruised ego, it was totally worth it.

upon my return to the car, i was shocked to realize that it was already nearing two o’clock in the afternoon. i shifted into drive and went off in search of the highway out of town, deciding to skip the visit to the Geisel library in favor of putting some miles behind me instead. might i say, whoever said that 500 miles a day is a good pace for a road-trip obviously wasn’t driving by themselves. that, or they probably got on the road earlier in the day than i tend to and have more time to take breaks along the way. me, i can’t seem to get on the road before noon, sometimes even later than that and even if i drive until midnight or one am, i find i’ve still only gone 300 or so miles. just the thought of it is exhausting.

the rest of the day was spent on the road, winding my way up and then back down the coastal mountain range which at one point reached an elevation of 4,181 ft. once out of the mountains, i entered the desert which was sparsely populated to say the least. the border guards, however, were a lively bunch. they were highly amused by Gnorm and very informative. did you know that el caminos are very popular with drug smugglers? you see, there’s a large storage area behind the seat that runs under part of the bed. apparently, it’s handy for hiding things. illegal things. like drugs. fortunately for me, my wholesome looks and winning personality kept them from looking too closely (kidding, mom). the drug dog didn’t find anything too interesting and i was quickly waved on through.

it didn’t take long after that before i started to come down with cabin fever and decided to call it a day. it didn’t help that my phone battery died mid-conversation with a friend of mine which was the only thing keeping me from becoming hypnotized by the pretty little lights in the middle of the road that seemed to stretch on in a straight line right up to the horizon. i wonder if the desert is less dull in the daytime? guess we’ll find out tomorrow… until then, i’m going to catch what sleep i can.

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